Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Starting Development on my 2D Platformer, "Bit"

Bit, is an a way, an homage to the platformers of the past. As you progress though levels, the bit depth of the art style increases and game mechanics are added. The player starts as a white square, jumping on white platforms on a black background. As the player advances the art style increases to add more colors and pixels. New mechanics are also introduced, like obstacles, enemies and the ability to shoot. 

Bit is being devolved in C# using Monogame the course of the summer. I will post a to-do list regularly to show my current progress with the game. As I make graphical improvements, images will also be posted. 

Current Progress
  • Create a git repository
  • Create class structure
  • Implement a player
  • Implement Gravity
  • Implement collisions
  • Draw something the screen

Planed Progress
  • Implement levels
  • Implement jumping
  • Implement enemies

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